Having Indian Art Market Size is Rs.1500 Cr and global Art Market is US$ 63 Billion USD, Authentication of Art has become A very big task for every one like Art Galleries, Art Historians, Art Researchers and Art Auction Houses all over the Globe. Sometimes it costs beyond the cost of Art work itself. We, Art Authenticator, came up with a cost effective and innovative Idea to protect the interest of Artists and Art Buyers. It's very easy to Adopt for everyone and also cost effective. Please see the following steps how this Art Aggregator idea works.

1. Artist Upload Art work with details in Art Authenticator web site. ( www.artauthenticator.in ).
2. Art Authenticator admin check with Artist/ due diligence and approve to upload. And generate Authenticity Certificate.
3. Artist downloads and prints the Authenticity Certificate with unique code / identification. At the time of selling artists hand over the Authenticity certificate to the Art Buyer.
4. Art Buyers at the time of buying art, scans the unique code which is printed on Authenticity Certificate which takes to Art Authenticator web site where the original Art work is uploaded/Stored by Artist himself.

That it! You are 100% sure you investing in your favorite Artists genuine work.